Marilyn in Manhattan

by Philippe Ward
adapted by Brian Stableford

Broché: 268 pages
Editeur: Black Coat Press (2018)
Langue: Anglais
ISBN-13: 978-1-61227-767-7

Marilyn had the same voice as in the films, warm and sensual. In addition, her perfume seemed to act on her like a charm. It confused her mind and gave her the false impression of being secure.

Marilyn in Manhattan


Kristin Arroyo is a former Marine who served in Iraq. In the personal effects of her late grandfather – a once famous photographer – she discovers several unpublished photos of Marilyn Monroe.

With the help of a friend, she decides to put on an exhibition to honor her grandfather; unfortunately, nothing goes as planned, as a mysterious organization suddenly starts pursuing her, trying to kill her.

Kristin comes to realize that her fate is mysteriously tied to the photographs of Marilyn and, if she is to save her life, she must reconstruct the last days of the Hollywood star and solve the mystery surrounding her death – but did Marilyn really die on August 5, 1962?